Monthly Archives: July 2012

Because I love muppets

I think I’m going to start referring to myself in the 3rd person – you know like channel my inner Elmo, except I’ll say things like:

Becca doesn’t really want to go to work today.

Becca is all out of wine.

Becca is a super genius and you should give her lots of love and money.

Do you think this is weird? I really feel like it will catch on.

Return of daily* random thoughts

I love bacon – I’m not really sure why more things aren’t infused with it – like butter or kale. I don’t think I’m alone in my dream of one day being able to walk into my local Target and picking up a bottle of bacon scented bubble bath… I think when people argue whose the bigger super power, us or China they should keep in mind who invented the loaded bake potato.

I do not have many skills, when people ask me what I’m good I really need to reach and say things like “I have very neat penmanship” or “I can drink an entire bottle of wine with dinner”  so far, none of these ‘accomplishments’ have landed me a job or gotten me a date (ok, maybe that last one)… Some people can speak multiple languages, or operate on new-born babies. It makes me glad that no one has had the need to put me in charge of the UN or insisted that I cut them open.

Ever since my surgery I feel like my the amount of random chin hairs that sprout on my face from time to time has dramatically increased. It makes me wonder if there is a connection between ones small intestines and facial hair follicles.

*Daily in this instance equates to sporadic

Newsletter: Month 23

Dear Lucy,

You are almost two! This past month has been unusual and pretty disruptive for you, but you have adjusted and managed to come through it just fine. It’s been over three weeks since I’ve been able to pick you up or comfortably have you sit in my lap, but your Nana has been taking care of you, changing diapers and getting you dressed – picking you up from day care and doing all of the heavy lifting. 

carrot cake!

You have become pretty good friends with her, but only if your Dad and I aren’t around. Or, if she makes you carrot cake…

You have become such a good communicator – you can say so many words that I have lost track. You are still practicing your ‘terrible two’ phase and ‘no’ & ‘mine’ & ‘stop, Mama!’ are still your favorite lines. But regardless of your attitude you are funny and unless you are tired always in a good mood and trying to make us laugh.

Bucket Head
Right now your very favorite things are: parmesan cheese, making farting sounds in the bathtub and reading books. You can spend hours hours every day reading book after book.

Big girl reading all by herself

We’ve spent many Saturdays hanging out with your cousin and playing with all of your friends in the neighborhood. You are slowly learning to share and be a good sport. You look up to your cousin and he has become much more interested in playing with you now that you are more aware of what’s going on.

cousins at play

You are amazing and wonderful and I simply cannot get enough of you.

I love you -Mama.