Monthly Archives: February 2013

Writers block… block chock frock mock

Me: Dude, you need to update the website, it‘s been nearly a month…

My brain: Um stop calling me dude and what is there to write about? Few people care about your hair – writing an entire post about losing Lucy in Target only makes you internet prey for bored DHS workers and you can only complain about the cold and darkness of winter so many times….

Me: You could talk about my new found obsession with Greek yogurt

My brain: This is so lame, I’m going to stop listening to you now.

Me: Lots of people love Greek yogurt, its very in right now.

My brain: La, la, la… do you even hear yourself ?

Me: We could talk about…uh… are you sure no one cares about my hair? It’s shorter and darker.

My Brain: I’m going to make an egg salad sandwich – you let me know when you come up with something.

Me: I don’t think I own any red clothes, I look good in red. Make a note to do something about that.

My Brain: Huh? Are you still talking to me.


In summary: my brain likes egg salad


Newsletter: Month 30


30 months! You have been a ray of sunshine breaking through the gloom of the January cold and dark. This month your biggest accomplishment has been your quick and complete grasp of potty training. Except for nighttime you haven’t had a diaper on since Christmas. I am very proud of how ingenious you are.


You are starting to do more and more by yourself, you can get dressed (if we have enough time) and open the dog food bin and feed Guinness all By yourself. There are other things that you could do but chose not to – like feed yourself, you like your Dad or I to do it for you. We try to encourage you to do it yourself, but we are suckers for your pleas for help and in the morning eating breakfast on my lap is 20 minutes of snuggle time I’m unwilling to give up.

Snuggle Lucy

You had your first dentist appointment this month and you were amazingly grown up – not only did you let the dentist count your teeth and give you a fluoride treatment – you even let her polish them and do a thorough check up. You sat in your Dad’s lap but were so composed.

best dentist visit ever

One rainy Saturday morning we took you to play at the Smith house and to our surprise when we got to the basement riding room you jumped on a tricycle and took off  we had no idea you were such an accomplished bike rider – we came home and immediately took the safety bars off of your smart tryke to make it a ‘big girl bike’.

bike riding genious

You are very sensitive. When ever I get annoyed and raised my voice you look at me and say “Mommy you are so mad! I can’t believe you are so mad” . On more than one occasion you have come home from daycare and announced “Mom, I’ve had a rough day!”

having a rough day

You’re very favorite things right now are:, snow, Cinderella underwear, fruit loops, bubble gum flavored toothpaste and the book Curious George Goes to a Costume Party.

Snow Fun!

I love you – Mommy.