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It has taken me one year and seven days but I have done it – I have gotten to the 100th post. I wish I had something interesting to write about…

Seems like I should mark this occasion with something memorable – I was hoping to do it in the form of a subtle announcement of newly gained riches but alas the mega millions has alluded me just like every other lottery opportunity I have extensively explored in the past six months. But really who needs the headache of managing hundreds of millions of dollars… makes me tired just thinking of all of the phone calls I would have to avoid for the rest of my life. Of course anyone who really knows me would counter with the fact that I never answer my phone now and my current financial situation often finds me browsing at BJs for a lunch of mini quiches. Maybe things wouldn’t change that much, I could just stop hoarding so many free samples.

In other news Lucy learned to do a somersault all by herself last night, it was pretty awesome how excited she was and how very weary the animals are now of having her feet randomly landing on them. It will be awhile before she understands the spatial requirements for rolling her entire body over her head.

Yesterday in a job interview I was asked by one of the directors of the organization “what is wrong with you? I mean I’ll know in six months anyway, you might as well tell me now…” I answered with “I am just so awesome, no one really understands how awesome I am. If you hire me, in six months we will go to lunch and you will tell me that you now understand how hard it is to be me and live in this world of mediocrity.” My career coach has been constantly telling me I can’t have any modesty in job interviews. I really hope I get a call back…

To conclude this random hodgepodge of disjoined thoughts, I would like to leave you with this – Lucy from 1 year and 7 days ago & Lucy now:

Lucy and Dad March 2011

Lucy on Dad March 2012

A lighthearted missive about last week’s vacation

[Editors note: I would like to preface this entire post  by saying that I just finished a heartbreaking novel about the Holocaust and nothing puts family into perspective quite like the Holocaust]

I have, what I would consider, to be a high percentage of friends whose biological parents are still together. I think this is weird, I mean even my husband’s parents are still on their first marriage.  Personally I find it reassuring, I didn’t wait until I was 30-ah hem-something to get married if I didn’t want to be sure that I was mature enough to make the right decision. But, at the same time, I kind of feel bad for people who have limited choices of relatives to spend time with.

Thanks to my parents and their inability to stay together I have a surplus of factions within my immediate family with whom I can choose to hang out. I have step, half & whole siblings, I have parents, step parents and that woman who most recently married my father. In short, I have options and options are pretty cool.

I know it’s not possible for everyone to get along all the time and quite frankly if it wasn’t for an excess of booze I might not have half the close relationships I have. (Thanks booze!) What’s the point I am trying to make? That life is short and bad things happen to good people and if we don’t take the time to cherish the relationships that we have, however tenuous and long distanced they are than we are really short-changing ourselves.

I certainly should never be used as an example of good decision-making or righteousness but what I learned from both last week and German occupied France is that you need to hold onto what is important, you need to pass as much of that on to your children as possible and so you can experience stuff like this:

Nana and the grandkids

Daddy, Lucy & PoPo

Lucy, Nana & Bacon

Lucy & Aunt Jess

Final sea-side happy hour

clearly they are both having a good time


my fairy princess and her Aunt

Nana & PoPo


This winter has been exceptionally mild and easy to deal with and I know that I have very little room for complaining but I am so excited nonetheless for the resumption of daylight savings time. I feel like everything gets better when the days get longer, you have more time to spend with friends and family, you don’t have to put on sweat pants and huddle under a blanket promptly at 6:00pm. It’s like a new lease on life and I am thrilled THRILLED it is here. Big *sigh* of happy.

I am hoping this spring also brings the end of the uncertainty of unemployment, either by finally finding that perfect job or by the arrival of publisher clearing house and an over sized check. However it plays out, I am ready to move on and not spend my days in flux wondering what’s coming around the next corner. Being home with Lucy and watching her grow during this amazing and transitional time has been priceless but I am quickly falling behind on my five-year plan and the small enjoyments of day-to-day life with her right now are somewhat inconsequential if we fail in our big plan.

Oh the sad realities of adult responsibilities.

On a lighter note, I know Lucy is growing up because last night when she peed on her carpet, she pointed to it, said “mess” and got a washcloth out of her clothes hamper and tried to wipe it up…. It makes a Mother proud 🙂

Newsletter: Month 19

For a short month there was an awful lot going on in our house and in your life. The beginning of this month you decided that it was time to start talking and you are on a roll. These are just a few of the words that you use daily: Jacket, cookie, blue, boo boo, pooch, moo, shoes, juice, socks, purple, cheese, book, bath, milk, more, please…

Whose a pretty lady?

You have begun using your imagination when you play, your favorite game is to ‘make’ food for your stuffed animals and then feed them (especially Clifford the big red dog, who sits up nicely next to your kitchen). You can spend hours arranging and rearranging the ‘food’ in your kitchen, you like to bring your Dad and I things to eat too.

what's cookin good lookin?

Play Doh is also a new favorite, there hasn’t been a day gone by since we bought it for you that you haven’t asked to sit at the dining room table and smash it into the glass.

Play Doh!

Also this month you and I took a last-minute impromptu trip to see Nana and PoPo down in Florida, it was a great long weekend where we got to relax and hang out with your grandparents. It wasn’t super warm but we managed to make it to the beach and have a good time anyway.

at the beach with Nana & PoPo

swining with Nana

Having fun at Nana's

We’ve spent a lot of the time at the please touch museum and I think it’s probably one of your favorite places to go. We even let your Dad come with us one time.

Fish face

on the carousel

I love you so much – even if you think I’m crazy:

Mom's crazy