New Guidelines for Living in These Uncertain Times

When this pandemic started if someone had asked me how long it would be before wearing a bra became optional I would have been hard pressed to tell them, now I know that it’s exactly six months before I unharnessed that social custom, see what I did there?

And it didn’t go down hill gradually, Monday I decided not to put one on when “going” to work. And by work I mean the corner of my living room. By Friday I was going to the Acme without it. I hesitated, but my rational was that I had on jeans and not the pajama pants that all of my fellow shoppers were wearing. I thought of it as leveling the playing field.

There are other things that have slipped in this COVID lifestyle, brushing my hair happens… um… sometimes and I definitely wear the same pair of jeans longer than I should.

On the flip side I floss my teeth EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. My dentist retired in June and there is NO way I’m going out shopping for a stranger to stick their hands in my mouth now, nope.

Other things I will not do now – eat inside at a restaurant, make out with random strangers in the subway, ride the subway, eat food off the ground or use that chapstick that I found in the bar bathroom. My life has really closed in on itself.

2 thoughts on “New Guidelines for Living in These Uncertain Times

  1. I’ll own up to not shaving as often. Perhaps those on the other side of the Webex screen are zooming in to audit my face but I’ll take my chances. Saves on the cost of blades too – ha!

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