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Everything* You Want To Know

I’ve had something of writers block/struggles with appropriate content with this site for the past few months and that’s why I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus. I’ve been trying to come up with something not politically driven but still doesn’t dismiss what’s going on in the world today. It’s a difficult conundrum and not one that I am equipped to rectify, but because I have a couple of things to say I thought I would interview myself again, I feel like the last time this happened it was moderately successful and perhaps it can be so again, who knows, I’m making all of this up as I go along:

Interviewer: “good morning, how are you today”

Me: “Good, thanks for asking”

Interviewer: “Perhaps you could fill us in on what’s been happening with you for the past couple months?”

Me: “Sure, I’ve been doing the regular things, you know going to work, trying to successfully get Lucy through Winter and first grade, taking care of my Father, protesting the current administration,  joining weight watchers to lose my “Holiday-I-Want-To-Eat-All-The-Things” weight. Yesterday I celebrated the 13th anniversary of when I met my husband…”

Interviewer: “That sounds like a lot of things, could you elaborate on how Lucy is doing?”

Me: “She’s great, she tells me things like “Mom, I don’t find dinner to be entertaining enough, I think the reason that I take so long to eat is because I’m super bored.” And one day when I spent the entire day in my pajamas (tucked modestly underneath my clothes), she told me “Mom, you really need to start taking better care of yourself, you aren’t setting a very good example” But despite all of this and the fact that she can sound like a middle-aged school principle when she talks she’s still very much a little girl, she likes to watch cartoons, play with her dolls and build snowmen, she decided that she wanted to take a break from chapter books and go back to reading picture books at night. Her very favorite things are piggy back rides and tickle time.”

Interviewer: “She is growing up so fast! How are you dealing with that?”

Me: “Oh phantom interviewer it scares me shitless. Honestly I try not to think more than a day or two ahead or I just start to lose my mind. There are playdates that she goes to on her own and I know that soon those will turn into evenings out with friends, teenage sleepovers, dates, etc. How can I keep her safe and let her go at the same time? How do I adequately capture this time in her life so that both of us remember it? What happens when I don’t have the answers she’s looking for anymore, who will she turn to then? How can I get something legally binding drafted so that she is obligated to let me live with her in my old age like we’ve talked about so many times? In short I’m a hot mess about all of this”

Interviewer:  “Speaking of hot messes, do you want to briefly describe your recent political activism and how you are feeling about what’s going on?”

Me: “Sure, I went to Washington for the Women’s March in January because I am very afraid of what is going on and the potential that it has to not only disrupt our current way of life but if not handled properly to war and destruction. The march made me feel hopeful but also completely helpless because while it showed a lot of people believe what I believe I don’t think it changed the minds or attitudes of anyone making the decisions.”

Interviewer: “What are your biggest concerns?”

Me: “I have many big concerns, the safety of my family is always at the forefront and the current diplomatic ‘agenda’ is certainly worrisome, I am afraid that we have someone dealing with people and situations they are ill-equipped to deal with and with a temperament that does not lend itself to diplomacy. I am worried that the earth is reaching an environmental tipping point and that as human beings we need to change our way of living with and thinking about nature and we have an administration that seems to think that is a dumb idea and has not only put a media blackout on the EPA but also deleted the Whitehouse website on climate change. Not to mention the travel ban that seems not only arbitrary and malicious, but doesn’t even serve the problem that it seemingly addresses. I could go on and on…”

Interviewer: “Let’ stop there. At the end of the day are you hoping that the current administration fails?”

Me: “No – absolutely not. I hope that I am wrong about everything, I hope that in four years I am generally surprised and can say ‘wow that went ok’. Failure for them means failure for us and ultimately we are all in it together whether we like it or not.”

Interviewer: “Switching topics, how’s your new year’s weight watchers goals working out”

Me: “Really good – I’ve managed to lose my extra Christmas weight and then some. I don’t really like to talk about my struggles to lose weight – I mean it’s pretty personal and also really boring to those reading about it, but it’s something a lot of us have to deal with. I do find weight watchers to be the best tool out there, if you do what you are supposed to do it will work. Sure there are nights that I come home and  polish off a bottle of sauvignon blanc before heading to bed, and I did eat most of a plate of bar nachos last night for dinner but if you manage to have more good days than bad days than it will work out. I have a trip coming up and my biggest motivation is not to look fat in all of my pictures.”

Interviewer: “Thanks for that, of course now I want some wine… So what else would you like to talk about, your Dad? Your anniversary”

Me: “There isn’t a lot I want to say about my Dad – it isn’t an ideal situation and I struggle daily to find a good balance of how much time and mental anguish I devote to him. My biggest wish is that an adult would swoop in and handle everything but you know what? I’m not sure I know any adults just people my age pretending that we know what we are doing. My husband, on the other hand is great – it’s been 13 years now and there is only 3 or 4 things I would really like to change about him (I can say that – he never read this blog ((that’s probably one of the things I would change)). But honestly I couldn’t have picked a better partner or father for my child, he’s great and even when I’m feeling frustrated I can remember that. I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

Interviewer: “You haven’t mentioned anything about work”

Me: “You are right, the truth is I’m not really supposed to talk about my work. That makes it sound scary and mysterious, but it’s not. I have a great job that I like very much – I work with people who are awesome and not at all crazy. I have a certain freedom to learn and do things that I want but at the same time a good support system to catch me if I fall. I can’t complain and I probably can’t really elaborate. Let’s just say ‘work is good’.”

Interviewer: “That all sounds very positive, with everything going on with you right now is there anything you feel you are dropping the ball on?

Me: “ That is an excellent question. Beyond the regular stuff like flossing my teeth and moisturizing I have been terribly remiss about a few things. One of them is my Christmas thank you cards. I send out thank you cards every year but this year I haven’t and if we are being honest I probably won’t get to it so really quick I’d like to thank the following people – My Mom, Lucy loves the jeans you got her, the flower embroidery has finally turned her attitude towards jeans positive which is super helpful because its cold and otherwise she just wants to wear shorts and skirts all the time. Also, the timeshare in August is going to be great and we are all very much looking forward to that trip. To my Mother-In-Law – you out did yourself AGAIN this year, Lucy is over the moon in love with her American Girl Doll, her hatchimal and everything else you got her, your sheer generosity always leaves me at a loss for words. To my sister in law Jessica – do not ever EVER buy us poo-pouri again, Jason uses this ALL the time and 6 – 7 spritzes more than recommended. Our bathroom constantly sells like lemons and poop (I love you but please… no more). To my sister Beth and my friend Stacy thank you for adding to our lego collection, I have almost become immune to the pain of stepping on them. And to everyone else (friends and family)– thank you for everything! I promise to have my act together better next year.

Interviewer: “Wow, ok. Can you tell us what your plans are for this website?”

Me: “yes, I really really want to get the funny back. I think now, more than ever people need that. I’ve been writing a lot of boring/technical things for my job which has taken over my tone and I need to work on leaving that in my office. I recently wrote a post about women who wear sensible shoes (a good friend asked for this) so look for that soon. I’m also working on a post of craft projects to do with dog hair. I have SO MUCH  dog hair in my house right now… I hope that I will soon resume regular posts.

Interviewer: “thanks so much for answering all if my questions. Any parting words? ”

Me: “Buck up everyone,  there’s only 25 days to daylight savings, I truly believe we will all feel better when we see the sun more.”

Peace out.

 *Probably not everything