Monthly Archives: May 2020

Updates from the Bunker

Here in the bunker we have lost all sense of time and space – we simply refer to everyday as Blursday. We operate strictly according the laws of nature, if it’s nice we go outside, if it is not than we stay inside. We are simple folk who sometimes remember to wash their hair and sometimes have to be called out by those around us to do so. Our biggest excitement comes when new Amazon boxes are delivered.

Next week some of us will be relocating to a new bunker – because sometimes it’s exciting to clean different things than the things that you always clean. And also this bunker is getting hot and I have already sent a strongly worded email to our pool club that under no circumstances, even if they open, would be using their facilities this summer. They are not big fans of me.

I actually spend a lot of my time sending strongly worded emails these days. So much so that sometimes my husband will walk in to the living room looks at my face and say “who are you arguing with now?” He knows me so well.

Things that I love right now are: drive through convenience stores, drunk FaceTime get-togethers, the price of gasoline, audiobooks and Pinterest. Things I hate: TV, people who congregate in groups, the price of avocados, politics and cooking dinner.