Monthly Archives: October 2013

A distressingly quick digression

It’s become abundantly clear that I cannot get my shit together and I really apologize to all of you for that. If I was a better blogger and better person in general there would be an accounting of our recent  wild and crazy endeavors. There would be dozens of pictures of the world cutest kid – oh wait looky there:


And there would be daily updates of all the crazy hoops we are currently jumping through but alas I am not. Sorry to be such a major disappointment. Someday I will get around to writing an actual newsletter. Someday I will publish lyrics to all of the songs that Lucy has recently made up that are priceless and very catchy. Someday I will have more time. Someday.

In the meantime know that we are okay – that my silence is just a way of building up better fodder for this website. Know that in a moment of shear adrenaline we made several rash and kooky decisions. Not the least of which was cutting off all my hair. I wonder if  this some kind of coping mechanism. In my 20’s whenever I ended a relationship with it went all my hair – since I’ve been married the removal of it has taken on a different life of its own. I’m so glad my neuroticism involves a trained professional and not a box cutter and an empty bathtub.

How quickly we go from cute made up songs of a 3 year old to cutting yourself. Good god, my brain is a mess. On that note – my love to you all, have a wonderful Halloween and mark my word I will return to regularly scheduled updates sometime – seriously… some unspecified time in the future.