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Christmas Letter 2018

Hello and welcome to my open Christmas letter! I’m posting it here in order to save the earth from all of the paper that I would have otherwise used printing it out for everyone on my Christmas card list and definitely not because I’m too lazy to go to the store, buy pretty paper, and stuff it in to envelopes. That’s definitely not why I’m using this high tech electronic format.

I actually hesitated even writing a Christmas letter this year, I mean it seems so passe and I’m not even sure anyone reads it. But I guilted myself in to it for the sake of nostalgia. Nostalgia can get me to just about anything.

This year was somewhat of a mixed bag, it started with several losses that were difficult to deal with. In February we said goodbye to my sister Ellen and in April we said goodbye to my father.

And that, my friends is where I’ve lost the momentum of every Christmas letter I have tried to write since I started this the weekend before thanksgiving. It seems hard to transition from there to our fun trip to Disney, or Lucy successfully completing the second grade or Jason & I celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. All of which are things that we did and enjoyed and splashed across social media so shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you.

The following are the statistics that can pretty much some up the rest of the year for you:

All told I took about 807 selfies this year. I sent over 60,000 texts messages (I know this for a fact because the T Mobile guy was boisterous about pointing it out when I upgraded my phone in August). I have spent 608 hours sitting in the waiting room at dance/tumbling/gymnastic classes. I have brushed 534,697 tangles out of someone’s hair. I have applied sunscreen 3,007 times, I have rated 700 jumps into the swimming pool. I have played 4,893,120 words on words with friends. I have read 56 books, I have purchased 250 train tickets. I’ve changed my hair color 3 times.  I have traveled to Florida, Maine, New Jersey, North Carolina, Washington DC and Texas. I have taken 279 conference calls. I have been on 12 date nights with my husband. I have set off the smoke detector once, I have shaved maybe 5 times…



Let’s hang out in 2019!