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A fair weather fans defense of Eagles fans

I don’t care about sports, like not at all. The only reason that I appreciate them is because they’ve created things like the ‘wing bowl’ and other deeply fried finger foods that you get to eat while you watch them. But in general sports exists somewhere on the periphery of my consciousness. Except for now when my entire city is funneling beer in one hand and painting their entire bodies green with the other. It’s a hard thing to block out, you know?

Look we don’t have a lot of good stuff going on here in the city of brotherly love, crime is up, housing is unreasonable and to quote a recent article in the Washington post, “the city reached its peak of importance more than two centuries ago”*. We are the poorest of America’s 25 largest cities and if sports helps to distract us from our everyday rage over the inherent unfairness of life than I say funnel away!

I love Philadelphia, I love the passion with which we love and hate things with equal and complete thoroughness and gusto (see why crime is up). I like how nearly everyone downtown today has either a shirt or a hat on it that reads “No one likes us and we don’t care.” I mean, come on – I want to be friends with those people.

I know that the rest of the world is slightly (if not completely) baffled that there are city workers out today greasing every lamppost in the city. But I also know that come Sunday night some incredibly inebriated locals are only going to be excited for the extra challenge of getting to the top of those polls. And that my friends is true grit. And isn’t that what sports are all about? No, really I’m asking because I don’t know… I’m a librarian.

* Opinion | With Eagles in the Super Bowl, Philadelphia fans set themselves apart – The Washington Post

Don’t Call it a Comeback… well actually…

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve visited this site, so long in fact that it took half the day to reset my password.  In the beginning of 2021, I wasn’t sure that I ever would come back here. That’s the thing about getting a divorce, once you get one you never really know where you stand with the people that were in your life when you were part of a team that no longer exists. I don’t know the protocol because I’ve never been divorced before, I just know that there were regular readers of this website that are no longer a part of my life or, I’m assuming, want anything to do with me. But a full two years later I have concluded that its not my problem, people can come here and read what I have to say or not, that’s entirely up to them.

I’ve missed adding my voice to the throng of crap on the internet so yeah… I’ll be writing stuff and I’ll be publishing the much-anticipated and practically infamous* yearly book reviews (and not just to get my sister off my back) – you’re welcome, Beth.

I guess what I wanted to say is that in the time I’ve been dark much has changed. My life is nothing like it was and most of that is a good thing, I spend my days focusing on where to go from here. Honestly, I expected that when I began this new life of mine there would be a lot more sad introspective nights of excess drinking questioning every decision I’ve ever made. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been some of that but not NEARLY as much as anyone expected. I suspect it’s because I finally grew up and realized that life is short, and wallowing takes up a lot of unproductive time and that moving forward and finding things that make you happy are a much better use of your energy. Seems simple but right now my 23-year-old self just dropped her jaw on the floor…

So here I am, all grown up and stuff. Check back regularly for words of wisdom, or anecdotes or examples of misguided parenting or whatever spews forth from my brain from time to time. Or don’t, if you’ve been paying attention, you already know that I don’t care one way or another.

hugs, Becca