5 Weeks of Wisdom

Welcome to day 35 of the broken foot diaries.

This has been a rough week for a number of reasons, school breaks, big work lunches in the city, a small(ish) misstep on the stairs, this morning I woke up with my right eye swollen shut. No one here seems to now why, neither Dr. Mario nor PHD candidate Otis have the slightest idea but all three of us agree that I look like the victim of something nefarious right now.

But on the bright side I have learned a few important lessons!

I learned to break my 40-something year habit of always sitting on my left foot. This is, admittedly, a terrible and painful habit I should have broken years ago. Thanks to all the newly installed hardware holding said foot together its no longer an option. See even I can learn from repeated pain stimulus; maybe I am smarter than Homer Simpson after all.

I also learned that with the power of a credit card and internet access strangers will bring you groceries to you home. I know, I know, the rest of the developed world learned this a little over three years ago but up until earlier this week I was still a hold out that would drive to the store and walk the aisles… like a rube! Well no more, now some dude named “Kevin” gets to touch my avocados before me.

And I learned that you know your friends love you when they come out of their way to visit you during the day, to enjoy some relaxing down time and you casually mention that maybe the litter box needs changing and next thing you know… its out the door and new litter is in its place.( I’m hoping next week to teach this trick to the cats themselves.)

Other lessons have been less than stellar – like the maximum amount of dirty dishes that will fit in my kitchen sink, how easily a shower stool can be flipped over in a shower, how awful low calorie wine is and how you really need to check your on-line orders before you accidently pay for something so horrible.

Life is just one big classroom, I cannot wait for recess to get here….


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