Newsletter: Month 12

Dear Lucy,

On Saturday you turned a year old. No longer an infant you are now a toddler and officially too tall to walk under the dining room table anymore. You hate wearing anything on your head, you love attention and zerberts on your stomach.

Lucy on turtle

This month was a wild ride, you learned to walk like you’ve been doing it forever. You are fearless and brave and always inquisitive.

Lucy in yellow

We spent most of this month in Maine at your Nana’s house. I had you all to myself for two weeks and it was wonderful, I think you were too busy and too enamored of your environment to miss your Dad too much. The first day we got there you took one look at the lake and your eyes got big and you started to breathe real fast and you looked at me and then back at the lake as if to say “are you seeing this?” and then you started to laugh and you laughed and laughed and laughed and it was amazing.

Lucy & Mama

I am so surprised how much of a little girl you are, no longer the little baby that I could lay on the couch and walk away from – there is no taking my eyes off you now. I turn my back and I can find you with your thumbs stuck in the electrical sockets or the cat’s tail in your mouth…

Lucy & Bear
See... here you are making out with a strange dog...

We had two birthday parties for you – one in Maine with my parents, your cousins and some friends. And then we had one on Saturday at your Aunt Beth’s house. Your paternal grandparents, my father, your third cousins and some friends also attended this one. You got to have two cakes – TWO and you loved them both. You got so many gifts that our house is barely able to contain all of your stuff. I can’t wait until you are old enough to write your own thank you notes.

First Party:

Birthday cake #1

Cake #1

Second Party:

Party #2

Cake #2

As much as you have grown and blossomed in the last year I am so excited to see what amazing things you will be capable of in a year, 3 years, 10 years from now. I never realized that how proud I would be of who you are and what you can do…

Lucy & Mama's leg

Love, Mama

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