Welcome to Sticky Jam Hands!

In an effort to keep things new and exciting, I have decided to purchase a real domain and create my “own” site. As easy and simple as afternoonmeanderings.wordpress.com was to remember and type, I decided to make it effortless (cause I’m a giver).

Despite our new name, nothing else will change content will still remain 60% pictures of the world’s cutest kid:

World's cutest kid

 And 40% ramblings of a sarcastic nature. For example – I had to call the vet last Friday to make Guinness a reservation for his Christmas get away stay and after being left on hold for about 11 minutes, a woman with no discernible personality picks up and we have the following conversation:

“Yes, Hi I would like to make a reservation for my dog to spend Christmas with you.”
“Ok, is he up to date on all of his shots? Is he taking any medication?”
“Shots definitely, meds I don’t think so, I mean unless he’s managed to score some really good doggie street drugs”
“Excuse me?”
“Well, he is left alone a large majority of the day, who knows what he does to pass the time?”
“Um, nevermind.”

Am I the only one left in this town with a sense of humor?

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