Newsletter: Month 17


3 days ago you turned 17 months – not yet a year and a half and I am already falling behind.

Sorry your Mom's such a slacker

This past month was really dominated by Christmas but aside from that you learned some pretty amazing things – you learned how to whistle and how to blow your own nose.

Blowing your own nose

You are talking more and more, this month started out with “Uh oh” – everything was “Uh oh!” and now you are saying more and more things, few of which we can recognize. You know what’s hot (the heater in your room, the radiators, your breakfast) and you know to blow on them to make them cool – this works less well with the radiators than with oatmeal.


We tried to visit Santa this month, but he was SCARY this year and made you nearly hysterical. You were in your first Christmas pageant at daycare and had a great time being up on stage… actually you had a great time until you spotted Santa…

Christmas pageant

You were a real trooper on the way to and the way home from North Carolina – you hung out in the back of the car and amused yourself and napped for 10 hours at a time.  This even despite your crazy car hair:

Too long in the car

You had a wonderful time at your grandparents house, and not just because they bought you hundreds of presents and fed you chocolate and ice cream anytime you wanted. You loved the dog, and the singing light up decorations and the yard and the fact that it was in the 60’s most of the time we were there. And once your cousins and Aunt Melissa got there you had more attention than even you could handle. A good time was had by all.

Chocolate Breakfast

Who knows?

For New Years we took the train downtown and attended Peg & Max’s annual open house, we didn’t make the parade but we did see the destruction it creates on Broad street.

Oh and this month, you learned how to drive:

who cares if you can't reach the peddles

You are awesome – Love Mama

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