Newsletter: month 18


A year and a half… how did that happen? It seems just yesterday that you were fascinated by black lines on white paper and couldn’t get yourself off of the floor mat. Now you are climbing and running and getting around just like a ‘big’ kid. You can hop up onto the sofa with little effort, you can even climb up on top of the TV stand, although we do try to discourage that. You are a regular little monkey – you have also figured out how to go down the stairs by scooching on your butt.

up on the couch

Your favorite food right now is ketchup. You have started to get picky about what you will eat and what you won’t but it seems if we put ketchup on practically anything you will eat it. When all else fails we just feed you grapes for dinner – you have never turned down grapes.


You are talking pretty much non stop and have said many many things including – ‘alligator,’ ‘Aunt Beth’, ‘Thomas’ (because you love Thomas the train) ‘sitting on the step’ (your favorite place to put your shoes on) and many many other things only about 7% of which we understand. You get very frustrated with us sometimes.


We have had the chance to go to the please touch museum several times this month – you love it, you even sat through an entire puppet show one time. You learned to play the piano there:


You are amazing and never fail to bring a smile to the face of anyone you see.

Lucy in boots

I love you – Mama.

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