Newsletter: Month 19

For a short month there was an awful lot going on in our house and in your life. The beginning of this month you decided that it was time to start talking and you are on a roll. These are just a few of the words that you use daily: Jacket, cookie, blue, boo boo, pooch, moo, shoes, juice, socks, purple, cheese, book, bath, milk, more, please…

Whose a pretty lady?

You have begun using your imagination when you play, your favorite game is to ‘make’ food for your stuffed animals and then feed them (especially Clifford the big red dog, who sits up nicely next to your kitchen). You can spend hours arranging and rearranging the ‘food’ in your kitchen, you like to bring your Dad and I things to eat too.

what's cookin good lookin?

Play Doh is also a new favorite, there hasn’t been a day gone by since we bought it for you that you haven’t asked to sit at the dining room table and smash it into the glass.

Play Doh!

Also this month you and I took a last-minute impromptu trip to see Nana and PoPo down in Florida, it was a great long weekend where we got to relax and hang out with your grandparents. It wasn’t super warm but we managed to make it to the beach and have a good time anyway.

at the beach with Nana & PoPo

swining with Nana

Having fun at Nana's

We’ve spent a lot of the time at the please touch museum and I think it’s probably one of your favorite places to go. We even let your Dad come with us one time.

Fish face

on the carousel

I love you so much – even if you think I’m crazy:

Mom's crazy 


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