It has taken me one year and seven days but I have done it – I have gotten to the 100th post. I wish I had something interesting to write about…

Seems like I should mark this occasion with something memorable – I was hoping to do it in the form of a subtle announcement of newly gained riches but alas the mega millions has alluded me just like every other lottery opportunity I have extensively explored in the past six months. But really who needs the headache of managing hundreds of millions of dollars… makes me tired just thinking of all of the phone calls I would have to avoid for the rest of my life. Of course anyone who really knows me would counter with the fact that I never answer my phone now and my current financial situation often finds me browsing at BJs for a lunch of mini quiches. Maybe things wouldn’t change that much, I could just stop hoarding so many free samples.

In other news Lucy learned to do a somersault all by herself last night, it was pretty awesome how excited she was and how very weary the animals are now of having her feet randomly landing on them. It will be awhile before she understands the spatial requirements for rolling her entire body over her head.

Yesterday in a job interview I was asked by one of the directors of the organization “what is wrong with you? I mean I’ll know in six months anyway, you might as well tell me now…” I answered with “I am just so awesome, no one really understands how awesome I am. If you hire me, in six months we will go to lunch and you will tell me that you now understand how hard it is to be me and live in this world of mediocrity.” My career coach has been constantly telling me I can’t have any modesty in job interviews. I really hope I get a call back…

To conclude this random hodgepodge of disjoined thoughts, I would like to leave you with this – Lucy from 1 year and 7 days ago & Lucy now:

Lucy and Dad March 2011

Lucy on Dad March 2012

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