Newsletter: Month 22


This month you are a wonderful enigma, you are becoming such a good communicator and a fantastic little person to be around and yet you are also stubborn and contradictory and what we generally refer to as ‘cranky baby’. Your favorite phrase right now is “no, mine!’ as in “Lucy would you like some juice?” “No, mine!” You say as you grab it from our hands.

Cranky Baby

But it’s not all bad you are usually a very laid back easy-going kid. You love people and want to be around them as much s possible. With the windows open this month you can hear whenever anyone is out on our street and insist on going out to say “hi” to them. Happy Baby

We have spent a lot of time outside and it has become so warm that we have gotten out your water table which you love. And we have had the chance to go swimming a couple of times which (besides cheese) I think is your favorite thing in the world.

water water water

The fastest way to cool off your head

We went to Maine this past month which has already been documented, but you had a fantastic time and I can’t wait for you to get some more ‘lake time’ later this summer.

Nana's porch

In the past 2 weeks you have begun going to daycare full-time – this is new for you since you’ve always only gone 3 or 4 days a week. You are adjusting well and really enjoy both your teachers and friends that you get to see everyday. You are more tired than usual but I think with time you will adjust to the new schedule.

That's my girl
I love you, Mama

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