How to tell if you are a Mom

1.) If you are wearing two different pairs of shoes right now.

2.) If you have ever put scotch in a baby bottle to sneak it on to an airplane.

3.) If you have ever arrived at the mall before it opened.

4.) If you have ever been watching TV, found candy in your bra – and eaten it.

5.) If you have ever shown up to work and realized you still have conditioner in your hair.

6.) If you have ever volunteered to help someone move (or insert other awful tasks you would never have offered to help with 10 years ago) just so you could get out of the house.

7.) If you have ever accidentally dialed your pediatrician when trying to order a pizza.

8.) If you can recite word for word three entire books.

9.) If its a rare and exciting event to go to the bathroom by yourself.

10.) If you have fallen asleep from pure exhaustion before getting to the end of this list.


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