Newsletter: Month 33


You are a fashion icon, you spend the majority of your time thinking, planning and worrying about your clothes more  than anything else. Maybe it’s genetic, I was the same way when I was younger and largely chronicle my childhood by the outfits I wore. I wonder if someday you’ll think back on this time as the era of that pink dress with the tulle skirt.

pink dress!!!

You love pink, you asked your Dad and I this weekend if you could please paint your room pink and then we went to the library and announced loudly to anyone that would listen that we agreed to paint it – like saying it out loud would make it true.

pink heaven

Everything is an extreme with you right now. You love bubble baths but you hate having bubbles touch you. You want to do everything yourself and be grown up but you insist at times that you are a baby except when you don’t want anything to do with me and scream at me to get away from you.  You want to be carried… but only sometimes and on your terms.

Daddy pick me up...

You are obsessed with flowers and have to pick, or touch, or smell or water every single one you come across… it makes for very long walks around the neighborhood. And we walk a lot right now because its so nice and all of your neighborhood friends are out. We spend A LOT of time with them.

flower girl

You are flawlessly beautiful and attract attention wherever you go. You love this attention – you say ‘hi’ and twirl your hair to every passing stranger, but fortunately you are weary too and no longer stray far from your father or me.

You have a remarkably advanced vocabulary and I do have to remind myself sometimes that you are only two. Tonight in the bathtub you said, “Mom, I’m sick of this place – we need some excitement in our lives… oh and when you pick me up do it gently, don’t scratch me and give me boo boo’s – we’re running out of band aids.” Amazing…


We have cut out all of your evening TV viewing and because of that we read A LOT of book , we finally got through your Curious George obsession and right now are in to Olivia, Ella the Elephant, Lalaloopsy and  Max & Ruby.

We went out for an early Mother’s day this past weekend, rode the train downtown, visited some parks and water fountains, bought some books and and kept you out way past your nap time for lunch in an Irish pub:

Miss Grumpy Pants

Your favorite things right now are: clothes – dresses and anything stripy, pez, flowers and PINK.

I love you, Mommy

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