Newsletter: Month 34


This month has been absolutely wonderful you have decided that when you grow up you want to be a doctor and you also want to marry Cinderella…you are always fixing up our imaginary booboo’s and are a most attentive physician. You are also obsessed with painting your nails and wearing ‘big dresses,’ you cry whenever I suggest jeans.


We have had a lot of fun adventures including a trip up to Maine to spend some time with your grandparents. The entire thing was planned last minute and took place in between my switching jobs, because of this your Dad was unable to come with us, but once again you made me proud with your ability to travel so well. It helps now that you have your own computer and were able to watch Sesame Street over and over and over again while in the car. During out trip we got to go to the beach and see your cousins and watch the pigs and in general just had some great bonding time.

World's most beautiful cousins

At  the beach!

Too cute

Here piggy piggy

Once we got back you fell back in to your normal routine while I slowly adjusted to my new one – the good thing is now I’m home consistently early every day to pick you up from school but I do have to go in to the office five days a week so keeping you home on Fridays is no longer an option.

no leg sleeves!
no leg sleeves!

You are very silly right now and you love to make up songs and dance around. We planted to new grass in the front ‘yard’ and everyday you cone home and beg to go roll around in it.

New Grass!

In sad news we had to let Guinness go this past month and you have asked for him many times but have been less upset than I was afraid you would be, you seem to be harnessing all of your efforts on harassing the cat and trying to strangle her to death.

choking the cat
btw – if I ever rename this website is will be called:
choking Mommy
Sometimes she chokes me instead, as a side note please enjoy my giant nose zit…

Your Dad and I spent a day with you at the zoo this month where you rode your first pony – you were so big and brave and hoped right on to it without giving a second thought to the fact that we weren’t right next to you. We also got to all spend the day at the Manayunk bike race were your favorite thing was jumping in the bouncy house and getting your face painted.


Silly Diva and Mr. DivaYour favorite things right now are: having long hair, big dresses, fixing booboos and ice cubes.

I love you so much, even if you wont let me put the windows down in the car because it “messes up your hair”


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