Newsletter: Month 35


It takes you 40 minutes to eat a meal, you are full of unsolicited advise,  you always want  your hair in braids and you have decided that everything I say “isn’t fair!” even when I ask you to smile for a picture you get upset and tell me, “saying cheese isn’t fair Mama!” You are 2 going on 13.

taking pictures isn't fair!

You get excited about all manner of things and when you do get excited you say ‘hooray’ a lot, like ‘hooray grilled cheese hooray!’ or ‘hooray puddles hooray!’ it’s very cute. When you are annoyed you say ‘oh bitters!’ I think you learned that from Strawberry shortcake but I’m unsure.

Hooray new Carpet Hooray!

You like to sleep with your favorite books, you read them by the light if your twilight turtle after I tuck you in to bed at night, and when I remind you that you aren’t supposed to have books in bed you tell me, “they are there for a reason Mama” I have no idea what that reason is, but its very very important.

Lovely Lucy

You go from complete joy to utter tragedy in no time flat and as we learned from our trip to Dutch Wonderland laughing and crying can happen almost in the same breath.

Funny Lucy

You went through a phase this month where you didn’t like me very much and for 3 or 4 days straight kept telling me that you wanted a new mommy – you would remind me that “Mia’s Mom is really nice…” but then one day I picked you up from school and you said “I want you Mom, I just want you – I don’t want any other Mommy’s.”  I don’t know what happened, I am hoping our repeated discussions about ‘other people’s feelings’ finally sunk in.

Nice Lucy

For a lot of this month the weather was really nice and we spent most of our at home  time outside hanging out with our friends on our street. Your sand box is always a favorite hang out spot even though you have some trouble sharing.

Hanging on the 'lawn'

We have had a lot of fun adventures including Wonderland and many day trips, we’ve started watching Disney movies and you like all the princess ones but by far your favorite so far is ‘Cars’.


Your favorite things right now are swimming, making sand tea, eating Popsicle in your bare feet in the yard and ‘fixing my hair’.


You are a frustrating handful, but you make me laugh and I love you move than anything.


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