I Really Hope I’m Not the Only One

This week I am learning all about depreciation schedules and vacation accruals and so many accounting things that make me want to run my hands through my hair and put my head down on my desk. I don’t think there’s anything that makes you feel more adult than trying to manage an audit (Maybe performing surgery, I imagine doctors feel very adult all the time, but as anyone who has seen me handle a butter knife before knows I was never cut out to be a doctor) Also, I’m not really good at adulting either (about as good as I am with knives). I have a tenuous grasp (at best) on what I’m supposed to know as it relates to my professional career. And as a Mom I just fake that I know what I’m doing and stay grateful that Lucy is still too young to have caught on.

I am a giant faker, but I don’t think this comes as much of a surprise to those close to me. I don’t think anyone has ever uttered the words “Let’s go ask Becca, she really has her shit together.” And you know what, I am totally okay with that. There are people that are expected to know things and be in charge and then there are those of us whose parents are just glad that our decisions in our early 20’s didn’t land us in some sex trafficking fiasco.

Sometimes I get home from work at night so bewildered by what is going on that I have trouble processing Lucy’s Kindergarten homework, “if you have three friends on the playground and two more show up how many friends do you have to play with” whoa, back up a minute how did you get to the playground?

This makes me wonder how many of us just wonder around all day, going through the motions of adulting hoping that no one calls on us to explain the reasoning for what we are doing. In my dealings with humanity in general, I imagine that this is most of us – glassy eyed, questioning how we got so far in life without falling down a well or accidently ingesting something that poisons us.

It makes me a little sad that our civilization has evolved in to a place where most of us are too scared, anxious or reticent to be the silly, light hearted, playful people really want to be, at least until we get home at night and change into our sweat pants and allow the real us to come out.

Maybe instead of adding rules to the handbook of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles we should use our collective efforts to build some kind of giant adult size bouncy house where we can spend our days having fun and connecting with each other the right way.

We only live once people, go forth and build that bouncy house.



2 thoughts on “I Really Hope I’m Not the Only One

  1. You are not the only one. Here is how adulting went at my house last night:

    8:00 Sean gets into the shower – I turn on an episode of Midsomar Murders

    9:00ish Sean gets out of shower and sits down next to me on couch. I barely notice because I am fully engrossed in the plot of the murder – so many people have been killed in the village of Badgers Drift – I can’t possibly turn this off until I know who it was.

    9:45 – Show is over – I failed to realize these are an hour and 45 mins long rather than an hour. I look at Sean and say – OMG it’s 9:45 you need to be in bed. Have you brushed your teeth? Sean says: No, and I haven’t done my homework either. I say – oh shit, let’s get moving. You have to go to bed or we will never get up in time for school.

    9:46 Sean emerges from the bathroom saying – I brushed my teeth but I did it really quickly because it’s late. I say: No, no – brushing your teeth is not the place to realize time savings. You have to do it well. Did you even use toothpaste? (This was my best adulting – being diligent about the teeth brushing.)

    9:48 Sean comes out after re-brushing his teeth. He starts dancing on some bubble wrap. I freak and say” You have to FOCUS! Get your homework done!

    9:49 Sean sits down to do his homework. I check FB – there is a super cute picture of a new cat at the pet shelter. I make him stop his homework and look at the cat picture. He says: “Now who is the one who can’t focus?”

    9:54 Sean’s homework is done. My child is in bed before 10. I decide this is pretty good.

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