Captain Lucy?

I often worry about the end of the world. In fact I obsess over it. It used to be bad before I became a parent but now it is eleventy thousand times worse. Every time I see a motorist fling a cigarette butt out of their windows another warning light goes off in my head (the inside of my head is beginning to resemble an out of control K-Mart where everything is on special).  I recently watched a show called ‘Garbage City’ on CNN or MSNBC or somewhere which literally kept me up for three nights straight.  

In order to counteract all this anxiety I do two things, I recycle a lot – I recycle things that I’m not even sure are recyclable, hoping that the person sorting through it will see it and think – hey we can use that… And I read science fiction; I read a lot of science fiction, because it’s comforting to know that soon we will be terraforming Mars and developing warp engines that allow us to meet sexy aliens that help us to overcome our differences and grow in ways we never thought possible.

The problem is, there are two categories of science fiction, the kind where the future is better and cleaner – think Star Trek the next generation, and the kind where everything is dark & dirty – think Blade Runner. I try to stay away from the later and focus on the good clean future, but then I watch Wall-E and I get all choked up.

I’m not sure what else I can do, short of quitting my job and working for green peace or moving to some tropical island where I can live off the land and reduce my carbon footprint. But green peace people can be so pushy and my husband refuses to live anywhere without a stable internet connection. So, in the meantime I will continue to read science fiction and pray that Lucy ends up on the bridge of the Enterprise.

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