on becoming a morning person

As far as I can remember I’ve never been a morning person. My Mother has told me that when I was really little it wasn’t always this way, that I would wake up early in a good mood and be happy to greet the day, but I can’t recall that time. I’m not a terrible person in the morning (not surly like a certain unnamed sister I have) but certainly not chipper and bright eyed.

I decided when Lucy came along that I would change my attitude. I had heard that babies like to get up early and I had read several baby books stating that the manner you wake them up in will mold their future attitudes. The ‘baby whisperer’ went so far as to suggest that you greet them every day with a ‘happy morning’ song – like something out of Mary Poppins (Personally, I think the baby whisperer is nothing but an evil enigma designed to make other people feel bad about their own inadequacies.)

And low and behold, they were right – Lucy was born and she would wake up very early every morning. When I was still on maternity leave and she was very little I would get her up and bring her into bed with me where I would feed her and convince her a two hour nap was just what we needed – most of the time it worked very well, for both of us.

But now she is in daycare and I have to wake her up about 30 minutes before she would really prefer to get up, so I decided to channel my internal child – the child who enjoyed waking early. Now, I get up super early so by the time I walk into her room the shock of sleep deprivation is not still upon me. I’m not Mary Poppins but I make myself chipper and convince her it’s exciting to be awake before the sun comes up.

And you know what I have learned the secret to be?

CAFFEINE and LOTS of it.

By the time 10:00 rolls around I have usually consumed half of my body weight in coffee, my feet start tapping uncontrollably and I begin to talk faster than any normal person can understand me. It’s hard to get any work done (just ask my boss). I usually waste about two hours between complete coffee overload and lunchtime where I just run around my office asking people “whatareyouupto?!?” they often stare in blank confusion, but by that time I’ve spotted something shiny and skipped off to investigate.

I guess my problem is I don’t know when to say when to the k-cup machine…  It’s a little slice of heaven brewing cup after cup of fresh hot beverages.

So yes – I have learned how to be a morning person although it has come at the expense of addiction… ah Motherhood.

6 thoughts on “on becoming a morning person

  1. someone (and i don’t remember who, but i am sure they were trying to be ‘helpful’) gave me the ‘baby whisperer’ book when i had miles. he was an exceptionally crabby baby and i was desperate for someone to tell me the magic thing to do to make him just. stop. crying. reading the book just reaffirmed to me what i already suspected: i was the worst mother ever. i put the book away and never looked at it again. and guess what? he stopped crying. imagine that!

    1. See? She’s evil – but you are way smarter than I am, I read her while book and even now still hear her berating me in my head for not being practically perfect in every way…

  2. Love your blog. It is now 10:30 and I have had two coups of coffee so have moved from surly to civil. Unfortunately one of my co-workers has yet to appreciate the inherent danger of engaging me in conversation pre-coffee. She is just asking to get a full bowl of cereal “accidentally” dumped on her head.

    1. we should make you a t-shirt or a sign for your desk to warn people of your pre coffee nature, although – quite honestly – your pre coffee facial expressions should be enough to deter most people 🙂


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