The Amish don’t have internet access right?

my sister and I are always looking for a way to escape the corporate grind… so to speak. We would love nothing more than creating a cash cow and being able to sit back and take a break from the M-F 9-5 world.

At some point last year she emailed me this article about how Amish businesses don’t fail, it sparked this email trail:

her: “Business idea — be Amish.”

Me: “Being Amish makes me beileve my hair will alwayd be dirty and I’ll be itchy all the time…”

her: “They’re not hippies — they do bathe.  But maybe a line of natural Amish soaps?  BTW — my new neighbor owns a cheese-making business.”

Me: “I know they bathe but how good is homemade soap for your hair? These are things I worry about…
Maybe we could make a good natural soap for your hair – with a beer base (beer is really good for your hair) people are into natual/organic beauty products…”

her: “Maybe a whole line of natural beer products — beer to drink, beer for bathing, etc.  We can even start growing our own organic hops.”

Me: “This seems like a lot of work, lets just go drink some beer…”

I guess this also serves as a great example of why we have never been successful at starting our own business.

5 thoughts on “The Amish don’t have internet access right?

  1. I can’t believe that you are still dissing my (theoretical) hops-based line of products — “Hops in the Shower.” Is your hair “hoppy”? Mine will be when I cash in on this idea and make millions of dollars.

    1. Oh – I’m not saying its not a good idea – I think its a great idea! I’m just saying that we probably like to DRINK more than we like to work and therein lies our lack of home based brew business…

  2. P.S. Don’t you remember “Body on Tap” — the beer based shampoo they had in the late 70s? It was big and like all good ideas should be recycled into something even bigger and more successful.

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