I haven’t had wine in um… 39 hours (I’m not counting) which I guess means vacation is over, I would never go that long if I didnt have to work and drive and deduct reasonably.

Lucy and I had a fantastic time in Maine, most of our days went something like this:

Get up, be cute

Lucy on the porch in Maine
I don't even have to try...

Take a hike up the hill (for a little excersice and great views)

Lucy & Daddy in Maine
Naturally I don't have a picture of she and I doing this...

Have breakfast, take a nap

Lucy breakfasting in Maine
Where's the lobster?

Bang pots around for fun

Pots and Pans
Yay for loud noise!
 (did you notice how cute those overalls are?)
Pots and Pans II

Go eat ice cream

Ice cream face
This was taken after she finished black raspberry ice cream & realized there was a petting zoo next door. She was so excited, not as excited as when she got to touch bunny rabbits, actual bunny rabbits!


Lucy swimming
Oh look - there I am!

Take a nap

Play with magnets while Nana tries to make dinner

Lucy with magnets
Very busy

Eat dinner


Lucy playing
How come this radio only plays one song?
 and play
Lucy playing II
This one!

 and play

Lucy laughing
I love vacation!




I don’t have any pictures of the last three because all three require the use of both of my hands. Let’s just say there were many hours spent on the porch watching it get dark, drinking boxed chardonney (don’t judge me) and thinking how nice it was not to have a television.

Coming back home to civilization was really rough – there is traffic here not to mention its freaking hot, there won’t be jean and sweatshirt evenings for months!  There are a few things I’m grateful for like consistantly hot showers with water preassure, my simmons beauty rest mattress, and my husband – not in that order.


4 thoughts on “Maine

  1. I have a video of you and Lucy hiking. You were livin’ the good life for 3 weeks. I miss staring at the lake.

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