Because living in a wagon would be awesome…

On my drive home last night I saw what appeared to be a band of gypsies huddled under the bridge across the street from the zoo (it was raining really hard, thus the huddling). I thought briefly of stopping and asking if they were taking on any new members. I thought leaving my office job and raising Lucy in a caravan of old gypsy souls might be just the thing that I was searching for, but as I slowed down I began to notice their rag-tag appearance, the notable lack of shoes on their kids and the serious deficiency of teeth in the adults. Upon closer inspection I realized that perhaps these wernt gypsies after all but just a group of Philadelphia homeless that had happened upon some brightly covered scarves.

Disappointed I continued on my way thinking that perhaps I should cast a further net than just the corner of Girard and 34th streets if I want to find a true band of gypsies and also maybe I should clear this with my husband before I quit my job and buy some long skirts.

Note to self: find out when the circus comes to town.

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