Baby’s first hurricane

In order to prepare for Irene I left work early yesterday and headed to my local target for baby food, water & D cell batteries.  I drove out of west Philadelphia and it was like all rules of human civilization suddenly no longer applied – people were driving like maniacs and abandoning their cars anywhere they wanted and the hurricane was still two days away…

Target itself looked like what I would imagine a third world market to look like on the eve of the apocalypse – people were panicked,  shelves were empty and the lines to check out extended well past the middle of the store. As I walked in they announced that they had run out of water but were in the midst of unloading a new shipment.

I went to get batteries – they had everything but D cells, I gave up and went in search of the promised stacks of new bottled water… It wasn’t anywhere, I finally flagged down a woman in the telltale red shirt and asked her where I coud find water – “Oh, that’s already gone honey…”

I decided at this point that it was time to give up and go get the really important hurricane supplies.  I piled Lucy back in the car empty handed, drove to my closest PA state store, bought 5 bottles of wine and a fifth of gin and headed home.

I am all set – come on Irene!

Hurricane preparedness kit
Hurricane preparedness kit

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