random observations

Yesterday I was in Old Navy and I noticed that they have a lot of clothes this season made out of silk – SILK in old Navy, isn’t this an oxymoron? I mean am I the only one who shops there because I can get almost anything I need for $20.00 and it’s guaranteed to be washer & dryer friendly? I felt a little bit like I stepped into an alternate universe.

I have been unemployed for almost two weeks now, I have interviewed for the one job that I have applied for since the big lay off. This seems like really good odds and in a way I don’t want to mess up my stats. However it might still be good idea to start looking for other jobs but I don’t know how to do this with so many distractions on the internets. Every time I log on I am reminded to check my bank balance, to see what Susan is up to and to find out how many southwest miles I have and where that can take me… Perhaps what I lack is focus – do you think you can buy focus on-line? Maybe ebay?

Before my twilight zone excursion to old navy yesterday I spent the morning at Jury Duty – and for the 3rd time in a row I wasnt picked for anything, I was dismissed before lunch even. I don’t understand why they never want me. Having been picked now would have solved my problem of not looking for a job. I would have had somewhere to go everyday and I would have been getting paid. Ugh, if only I still lived in California I could have figured out how to get myself on Conrad Murray’s case and I would have been set for months.

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