Homemade Christmas Gifts, Travel Plans and a Holiday Haiku

I know you have all been anxiously awaiting to find out what I am getting Lucy this Christmas on my very limited budget, ta da:

 Wonder TurtleDream ElephantImagine Giraffe

A few inexpensive canvases and some old acrylic paints and new art is born – Merry Christmas Princess.

Tomorrow we are leaving for North Carolina, I am looking forward to spending time with our family and I am very excited that my husband doesn’t go back to work until January 3rd (just long enough for him to get thoroughly sick of me). Lucy is going to get to meet a whole new set of cousins and many other relatives we haven’t had a chance to see in the last year and a half.

I really love Christmas and the older I get it’s so much more about the people you are with than anything material you can get (remind Lucy of this when she complains about her homemade gifts!) When I was a kid the magic of the season completely overwhelmed me. I remember staying up late, sitting in the dark in front of the lighted Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music and tearing up over the enormity of it all.

I hope that Lucy gets to experience that when she gets a little older. Sometimes I worry that the world is changing too fast and people have stopped slowing down enough to really soak up experiences like they used to, but then I think everyone probably worries about the same thing as we get older and time starts moving so fast. Either way – I hope that a couple of years from now Lucy will be huddled in her bed listening to Christmas music on her clock radio and being consumed by the spirit of the season.

I doubt I will get a chance to update again this year, but I promise to post the best Christmas pictures when I get back to Philly. In the meantime  to all of my friends I won’t get to see, I have spent a lot of time writing this little haiku for you:

Merry Christmas to you all
Fa la la la la
La la la la la la la

And to all a good night.

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