Obligatory New Years Post

Nine months ago I created this blog so that I could have a.) have a place to post super cute pictures of my child and b.) so that I could have some creative outlet in which to recount all of the crazy and stupid stuff that I do… I think I have kept up the picture posting end of my obligation, however I feel that I have let myself down on the later. Somehow as soon as I opened up an outlet to showcase my random acts of ridiculousness they have all but ceased in their appearances.

This year I have only a couple of resolutions, the first being to regain a little recklessness in my life – to give fodder to this blog and make me seem a little less lame at cocktail parties (because I attend so many cocktail parties).  Secondly, I will try and take better care of myself, someday I would like to finish the 30 day shred  (I wonder what the limit is? Is it reasonable to do the 30 day shred over a period of 3 months? 6 months? 13 months? This is something to look into). And third and most important I want to spend as much time and do as many amazing things as possible with Lucy so that she will grow into an amazingly well adjusted adult who will one day be happy to take care of me in my old age.

P.S.  Christmas phots are coming soon…

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