Newsletter: Month 21


Now more than ever you are really becoming independent, you know what you want, you don’t  like being told what to do – you want to do everything yourself. It is wonderful to see you learning how to figure things out for yourself.

Sandbox Lucy

Your biggest loves right now are: swinging, coloring, play doh, feeding the cat & dog treats, ripping the heads off flowers, riding bikes with the boys next door & bubble baths.

Playground Lucy

Your two most used words right now are ‘mine’ and ‘no’. You are a little ahead of the curve on the stubborn ‘terrible two’ phase. But even when you are saying no to everything you are still adorable and can usually be talked into whatever it I want you to do.

terrible twos

We got a chance to spend a weekend with Nana & Popo this month and you talked their ears off while your Dad and I went out for a few hours.

Since I have been home again this month we have spent a lot of time playing outside, getting to know our neighbors better and taking a few day trips with them. You love babies and there are several just on our block – you always get so excited whenever we run into one.

Lucy & friends

I love you – Mama

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