Maine Photo Montage

This past weekend my sister, nephew, Lucy & I drove to Maine to attend the funeral services of our Grandmother Ginny. Despite the reason for the trip we had a really great time. I was concerned that being enclosed in a vehicle with my sister for 24 hours in 4 days might result in serious injury or psychotic breakdown – but we managed to weather the ride just fine. I was able to say things like “You two in the back, keep your hands to yourself. Don’t make your Aunt turn this car around!” There was one part of the trip where Lucy wouldn’t stop humming (really loud), and my nephew was telling us that she was stinky over and over and over again… I just put my head down and went to my happy place while I let my sister find a place where we could change her, at the end we became a dynamic team.

Being in Maine is always wonderfully relaxing and this past weekend was no exception, it was cool in the morning and evening – enough to have a fire in the wood stove and warm enough in the afternoon to go outside and play. Ginny’s service was nicely done and sad as these things go but I hope to be lucky enough to live to 94 and be in good spirits at the end.

This week it’s back to job hunting and interviewing but before I go into all that here are some pictures to document our trip:

Morning donuts with Nana

Early riser


Lucy under an apple tree

Run away, run away!

tick check!

more frolicking

going to get bubbles

sink time bubble bath

pig tails!

Ignoring Nana


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