Descent into Darkness

If you take a poll most people will tell you that Fall is their favorite season. Not me. Not that I dislike it – I enjoy apple picking and all things pumpkin flavored but I am, hands down, a Spring girl. Fall is so fleeting, like someone blowing out a candle – you only have the briefest of hints at autumn crispness, a quick glance at crimson and ochre  before it all turns simply cold and brown.

And above all else Fall means one thing – the end of daylight savings time. Oh how I hate (to quote Hans Christian Anderson)  to go to bed at night and dress by yellow candle light. Perhaps it was growing up in Maine where it gets dark at approximately 3:15pm, or maybe its my recently acquired phobia of wintertime driving but right around now, every year, I feel a tightening in my chest; a hard time catching my breath. A feeling that life is short and getting shorter. It makes me want to eat my weight it pumpkin scones and Halloween candy and tuck myself into a small ball inside my extra soft and warm duvet and hibernate until the rejuvenating powers of  March swoop in to save the, once again, longer days.

I have been diligently working on eating as much Halloween candy as possible, but I have yet to get approval to take the next three months of work off… Maybe I could figure out a way to migrate instead. I hear Argentina is really nice this time of year.

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