Newsletter: Month 27


This month has been amazing and was marked by two big events, the first was Hurricane Sandy which kept you inside for three very long days and allowed you to go puddle jumping when you were finally released from captivity.

Puddle Jumper!

The second was Halloween. You were SO excited about Halloween, you have been wearing your costume for almost a month now but it did not diminish your excitement to put it on on the 31st and run outside and announce to the world that you are a princess! A quick trip to the drug store for a $3 tiara and wand made it even more spectacular. You took to trick or treating like a professional – you thanked everyone diligently and as soon as you were done being polite would turn to me and say “we need to find more candy Mommy!” Of course we do sweetie…

Halloween fairy

Days followed and you still come home everyday, get your hello kitty basket out and take inventory of all of your treats.

You have become very cuddly and empathetic this month – you tell me you love me dozens of times a day and like to give hugs and kisses. When your father or I are upset about something, you will stroke our face and say “It’s okay Mommy, it’s okay Daddy.”

Sweetie Pie

You are even getting better around people you don’t know, it used to take you an hour or more to warm up to someone but now you can do it in a manner on minutes. You even allowed me to get a picture of you with your Pop Pop at his 82nd birthday party. This is a big development since you’ve always been a little scared of him.

Lucy & Pop Pop

You continue to defy us like a normal two year old but you rarely say ‘no’ anymore – you have moved on to “not yet” and “never” I am astonished at the diversity you have.

Your Nana was here visiting for a long weekend and you and she had a good time, playing on the porch and reading books and (of course) apple picking.

I call this: Lucy in the orchard with apple

Your favorite things right now are being a princess, pretending to bite out faces off and then blowing them back on to our face, watching Mickey Mouse and… Halloween candy.

so tired... from getting all the candy...

You are incredible and just keep getting better. I love you – Mommy.

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