Ms. Sassypants

I live with a short sassy tyrant, it’s equal parts infuriating and hysterical. Here are some highlights from the last four days of our lives together:

  • Saturday  while enjoying a late morning snuggle in our bed her Dad offered to help her get down when she realized that she left something in her room, and instead of thanking him or saying anything nice she belts out: “Yeah, because it’s always all about you Dad!”
  • Sunday night after her Dad had given her a bath, washed, conditioned and brushed out her unreasonably long hair I picked her up out of the tub, wrapped her in a towel, carried her into her room, dried her off, slathered her from head to toe in lotion and put her in her favorite princess pajamas before sitting down to read her two bedtime stories. I asked her to please grab the milk I had left on her dresser, she looks at me, rolls her eyes and says, “Why do I have to do everything?
  • Monday night it was her Dad’s turn to read to her and when I went into her room to wish her a goodnight before  time story, she grabbed my face kissed me hard and pushed me away from her as she screamed “I’m so done with the hugging and the kissing!”
  • Tonight while we were eating dinner her Dad said something silly and she turns to him and says, “Dad you are so ridiculous I cant play with you anymore!” when he asked her what the problem was she told him, “I cant be your friend until you stop being funny.”

True Story. Good Times.

3 thoughts on “Ms. Sassypants

  1. Think back to when you were young….did anyone else say “Just wait until you are parents and your kids will pay you back for all the things you said and did as a child that made you wonder if this kid is really yours? Just love that granddaughter of mine!!!

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