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Did you know that four is the new thirteen? Just minutes after her birthday Lucy suddenly knew everything and now her response to everything I say is, “I know Mom!”  and it doesn’t matter what it is, here are a few examples:

“Watch the stove it’s hot”
“I know Mom!”


“The scientist rounded up all the dinosaurs and now they live in Minnesota”
“I know Mom!”

Its truly wonderful how smart she has become.

She also announced just recently that she is tired of me waking her up in the morning, that she’s grown up and can get up on her own. Clearly this grown up part only extends so far because when I took her to Target to buy an alarm clock she was disappointed not to find one with Hello Kitty on it.

She has graduated from a car seat to a booster seat and has learned how to take off the seat belt and open the door – which is great because getting her in and out of the car was becoming an ordeal bordering on the insane. But now when I park, she instantly takes off her belt and climbs into the front seat where she has learned how to work the radio. She has also learned that her favorite Adele CD lives in the CD player. I used to like Adele, I really did.

We recently deiced to find a new pre-school/day care for her to attend this upcoming school year. We took her with us to check them out and the one that won hands down? The one with the water table in the play yard and the drinking fountain in the classroom – in the freaking classroom. Honestly, what is more fun than drinking fountains when you are still too short to use them?

For her birthday she got many barbies and barbie related accessories including one Ken doll and she currently seems much more interested in dressing Ken in drag than in dressing up the girls (the girls who totally hog the jeep, by the way, and never let him in it)

rocking that dress
rocking that dress

At night we put her to bed way before she is ready to go to bed so she ends up playing in her room while she tires herself out. This morning I found in bed with her – a hairbrush, a comb and her fisher-price telephone. When I asked her what she was doing she explained that her animals missed their Mommies and Daddies and so she let them call home (apparently they had all been abandoned at our house) and the comb and brush? To make them look nice for their big phone calls of course…

Right now Lucy’s favorite things are powdered donuts, lemonade & making mud pies in the garden.

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