This makes Perfect Sense

Lucy and I were just walking home from school, talking about being a crossing guard and we had this conversation:

Lucy, ” I wouldn’t want that job because it’s too hard. I would want to do something easier, you know?”

Me, “Like what do you want to do instead, that’s easier than a crossing guard?”

Lucy, “You know, like a teacher or a fashion model – because I’m already really good at it you know? And because I love high heels and I walk really good in them (she does not)”

Me, “Ok”

Lucy, “Oh! And because of the fur coats. I love fur coats, but I especially love VESTS. Fur vests are awesome.”

Me, “Ok, so you want to be a fashion model so you can wear fur vests.”

Lucy, “Yes especially if they are cheetah print and covered in glitter!”

Thus ensued a five minute diatribe on the merits of how glitter makes EVERYTHING better.

Lucy, “You know who else has a hard job?”

Me, “Who”

Lucy, “Politicians”

Me, “What now?”

Lucy, “Yeah, they have to think SO HARD, like with their WHOLE brain, when someone asks them something they have to really THINK about it, you know?”

“I think there’s probably one president fly that rules all of the flies, also I heard that Hillary Clinton is still mad that she didn’t become our president. But you know what I say? I say ‘Get over it Hillary, just get over it already!'”

Me, “Um… ok honey”

feel free to come to me for all of your photoshopping needs

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