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Newsletter: Month 13

All sorts of fun & crazy things happened this month – you cut your 5th tooth, which is cute but super sharp and hurts very much when you bite us, please stop biting us.

Happy Lucy!

You have decided that the cat needs to be hugged regularly, the cat is not as much of a fan of this as you are. You have been scratched multiple times but it does not seem to be acting as a deterrent.

Lucy hugging another animal

You learned to drink through a straw, I don’t know how (probably because you are some kind of genius) but one day… presto you figured it out without any prompting from us.

Lucy & Toys

We had a great party for your 1 year birthday, lots of people came including your grandparents and Aunt Jessica from North Carolina, not only did they bring you a car load or new toys and clothes but they stayed at a hotel, with a pool – a freaking POOL, it doesnt get much better than that.

Lucy in the pool

It got so hot this month that you broke out in a bad heat rash that persisted for abpout 4 days and had me terribly worried until it cooled off and you were once again back to your cute adorable self.

Your adorable self

You helped your father and I celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary by going out for Mexican food for the first time, you LOVED it.

Lucy as Pebbles

You survived your first earthquake & hurricane completely unscathed. We had many fun adventures including a trip to the please touch museum… oh and you got this bike which you might just love more than the hotel pool – it’s a toss up.

Lucy & Bike

Please Touch Museum

You have stopped having a bottle (except at bed) and eat like a real person – you love fish and turkey & ham & cream of wheat.

Yay for food!

You are amazing and wonderful and even though you won’t stay still to get a diaper on and you occasionally throw out my wallet I love you SO much.


Newsletter: Month 12

Dear Lucy,

On Saturday you turned a year old. No longer an infant you are now a toddler and officially too tall to walk under the dining room table anymore. You hate wearing anything on your head, you love attention and zerberts on your stomach.

Lucy on turtle

This month was a wild ride, you learned to walk like you’ve been doing it forever. You are fearless and brave and always inquisitive.

Lucy in yellow

We spent most of this month in Maine at your Nana’s house. I had you all to myself for two weeks and it was wonderful, I think you were too busy and too enamored of your environment to miss your Dad too much. The first day we got there you took one look at the lake and your eyes got big and you started to breathe real fast and you looked at me and then back at the lake as if to say “are you seeing this?” and then you started to laugh and you laughed and laughed and laughed and it was amazing.

Lucy & Mama

I am so surprised how much of a little girl you are, no longer the little baby that I could lay on the couch and walk away from – there is no taking my eyes off you now. I turn my back and I can find you with your thumbs stuck in the electrical sockets or the cat’s tail in your mouth…

Lucy & Bear
See... here you are making out with a strange dog...

We had two birthday parties for you – one in Maine with my parents, your cousins and some friends. And then we had one on Saturday at your Aunt Beth’s house. Your paternal grandparents, my father, your third cousins and some friends also attended this one. You got to have two cakes – TWO and you loved them both. You got so many gifts that our house is barely able to contain all of your stuff. I can’t wait until you are old enough to write your own thank you notes.

First Party:

Birthday cake #1

Cake #1

Second Party:

Party #2

Cake #2

As much as you have grown and blossomed in the last year I am so excited to see what amazing things you will be capable of in a year, 3 years, 10 years from now. I never realized that how proud I would be of who you are and what you can do…

Lucy & Mama's leg

Love, Mama

Newsletter: Month 11


Today you turn 11 months and you have had some major developments this month, but the most important one by far, is that you have started making this face:

scrunch face


You make your father and I laugh everyday. You wake up every morning laughing and excited to do… well anything. Your laugh is infectious and the most wonderful sound EVER. This month you have begun mixing it up, with a little giggling, shrieking and belly laughing. Several times brand new noises have come out of your mouth that make your Dad and I laugh until our eyes water.

He he he

We did some fun stuff this month, we took you downtown for father’s day and fed you in two separate bars:

Eating in the bar

And we visited several fountains:

Dipping your feet in love park

I took you to Philadelphia Zoo one Saturday and you got to pet sheep and goats and you could not get enough. Your Dad bought you a pool for the front porch and there hasn’t been a day since we brought it home that you haven’t been in it:

Nekkid Lucy in the pool

Just last week you took your first steps all by yourself, you are getting so strong, you are only walking 3 or 4 feet by yourself right now, but I know it won’t be long before you are running all over the place.

Standing on the porch

You are talking too – not anything we fully understand, but its clear that you know what you are talking about. You babble all the time and you have started to gesture – pointing to things that you want, or food that you need to eat.

Mostly you are just a joy, everyday I can’t believe how lucky we are to have you.

Lucy & Daddy

Lucy at the park

I love you, Mama.

Newsletter: Month 10

Dear Lucy,

I cannot believe it you have been in my life only 10 months, I can barely remember life without you, or why I ever thought it was really important. This month you have really grown not just physically but also cognitively. Your agility and fine motor coordination have really developed – you can grab a single cheerio with one hand and bite it right in half with your front teeth. You have learned to climb stairs, albeit not very well, you like to climb up a stair and sit back and rest – fortunately we have good gates.

yummy sand!

You have also learned how to play hide and seek – you hide behind your toy chest and come crawling when I call for you – big smile on your face like you have fooled us all. You have discovered that there is water in the most unexpected of places – like the toilet and now you can’t wait until I flush it. You have discovered that your Dad and I will yell “Goal!” every time you raise you hands, and sometimes you will spend an entire evening raising your arms up and down.

We have had some good adventures this month, we spent a day at Longwood gardens looking at flowers, but mostly we spent our day looking at the various fountains around the property… We spent a day at the Emlwood park zoo and your favorite thing, by far, was the infant swing in the playground – we rode that many times, before we had to go. We spent a day at your Aunt Briggy’s pool which was also right next to a playground with an infant swing- it was a great day for you… We went to a BBQ at your 3rd cousins (1st cousin 3 times removed?). We have had lots of adventures together and I am always relieved and proud that you are such an easy going baby – loud noises, chaos, sharp pointy grass nothing really upsets you – you take it all in stride and seem to soak up these experiences like you are tucking them away for review later.


People are always stopping us when we are out to say how beautiful you are and you are such a ham when that happens. And when it doesn’t, when we are standing in line and the woman next to us doesn’t smile at you and tell you you are pretty you get awfully disappointed and try and work it until she notices you.


Within the last couple of weeks  you have made great strides in your endeavor to learn how to walk – you can get all the way around the kitchen just by touching the cabinets as you go. You have started trying to stand in the middle of the room – you are strong enough to pull yourself  up without holding on to anything you only lack the balance to be successful – if I support you just slightly you can stand on your own without a problem.

Standing is easy...

Last night you discovered that if you pull the cord out of the baby monitor in your room that either your Dad or I will be there within minutes – you did this twice yesterday, I think (hopefully) you also learned that just because we come to fix the monitor doesn’t mean you don’t have to go to sleep anyway.


When you are sleeping is when I know for sure that you are definitely my child – you sleep just like I do in contorted positions always with your hands over your head – I wish I could get more pictures of you in your crib. Once I found you with both your feet up in the air stuck between the slats of your crib and your arms both straight up over your head, you barely stirred when I freed your feet so you wouldn’t hurt yourself.

It’s not going to be long before you start to talk – you are already babbling a mile a minute and – you continue to say “Mama mama mama” and “Dada dada dada” over and over and over when you need attention – but you use them interchangeably and it’s not all you say… You like to screech and not because you are upset but just because I think it sounds fun to you when it comes out of your mouth – I don’t think this bodes well for the future.

blah blah blah blahhhh

You love books, especially books that allow you to touch and feel, or anything that pops up – we have to be careful that you don’t destroy them all but when left alone you will flip through them many times before moving on to something else.

A little Mozart perhaps?

Your favorite things right now are your ‘piano’, taking all the magnets off of the refrigerator, watching the toilet flush and being swung upside down by your Dad.

Yay! Upside down!
Another way you take after your Dad
Yay for Dad!

Clearly we need more pictures of the two of us.

I Love you so much.


Newsletter: Month 9

Tomorrow Lucy turns 9 months, I have decided to take a page from other Mommy blogs, most notably Heather Armstrong and  start a monthly newsletter to Lucy, because I’m not sure that I am exploiting her enough already… here goes.

Dear Lucy,

This month you learned so many new things, you cut your first three teeth and I am amazed at the amount you have grown both physically and mentally in the past nine months. The beginning of this month you were flying back from Florida on your first airplane trip – you were so good on the plane, taking everything in stride and being so cute that even when you became really cranky those around you still wondered at how adorable you are.

Once we were back from Florida you perfected your ability to crawl and it wasn’t two weeks later that one Thursday night you grabbed on to your Dad’s belt and pulled yourself right up onto your feet. You didn’t even realized what you were doing, but pretty soon you were doing it all the time.  When you see me, or your father, and raise your arms to be picked up it just about breaks my heart.

You say “Mama” all the time, but  you say it to me and your Dad and the cat, it’s clear you don’t understand who that is. You have gotten really good at feeding yourself, cheerios and puffs all manage to eventually make it into your mouth, you have also developed a serious fondness for banana yogurt.

You spent a weekend with your cousin Sean and marveled at how big and fast he is, I can’t wait until you are older and able to play with him and all your other cousins you haven’t had a chance to meet yet.

You and your friend Grace rule daycare, you are the two who can stand and get around wherever you want. I can see the younger, smaller kids look at you the way that you look at Sean and that’s pretty cool.

Sure there are some things we are still trying to change, like when you lick the trashcan because you can see your reflection in it- but for the most part you are absolutely perfect just the way you are… you are becoming less of an infant and more and more a toddler everyday.

Your favorite things right now are the 6:58 drawing of the Pennsylvania lottery, “petting” the cat, splashing in the bathtub and eating my car keys.

I love you so much – Mama