Newsletter: Month 11


Today you turn 11 months and you have had some major developments this month, but the most important one by far, is that you have started making this face:

scrunch face


You make your father and I laugh everyday. You wake up every morning laughing and excited to do… well anything. Your laugh is infectious and the most wonderful sound EVER. This month you have begun mixing it up, with a little giggling, shrieking and belly laughing. Several times brand new noises have come out of your mouth that make your Dad and I laugh until our eyes water.

He he he

We did some fun stuff this month, we took you downtown for father’s day and fed you in two separate bars:

Eating in the bar

And we visited several fountains:

Dipping your feet in love park

I took you to Philadelphia Zoo one Saturday and you got to pet sheep and goats and you could not get enough. Your Dad bought you a pool for the front porch and there hasn’t been a day since we brought it home that you haven’t been in it:

Nekkid Lucy in the pool

Just last week you took your first steps all by yourself, you are getting so strong, you are only walking 3 or 4 feet by yourself right now, but I know it won’t be long before you are running all over the place.

Standing on the porch

You are talking too – not anything we fully understand, but its clear that you know what you are talking about. You babble all the time and you have started to gesture – pointing to things that you want, or food that you need to eat.

Mostly you are just a joy, everyday I can’t believe how lucky we are to have you.

Lucy & Daddy

Lucy at the park

I love you, Mama.

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